November 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Books-I have been reading Breaking Her Fall by Stephen Goodwin all week but I plan to finish today. I'm also finishing What-the-Dickens, a read aloud for my kiddos. We are at a cliff hanger with only 25 pages left to go. It's been a fun ride. Next week I will be reading Lake Wobegon Days, a book I haven't a clue about. Should be good.

Challenges-One week left for the Take a Chance Challenge with two sections left to complete. I will make it. There is also only one week left for the Clear Off Your Shelves Challenge which is good because I have 2 new ARCs and a slew of library books slated for the next month that would bring down my average below my challenge goal. I scored another 15 points for the Four Month Challenge with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, bringing my score up to 35 points. I have yet to read anything for the Really Old Classics Challenge but that should change in Dec.

Cooking-I gave another go at French cooking. I tried something a little different to prepare that made a big difference in the kitchen. You can read all about it tomorrow.

Writing-NaNoWriMo is on its final leg and I don't know if I will make it. I try to write each day but I am coming in below the daily word count goal quite often. I may not have 50,000 words by Dec. 1st but I will have the skeleton of a story with lots of potential and 30 days worth of intensive writing practice. I consider myself successful already. (Btw, I posted a snippet of the prologue here if you want a peek.)

Homeschool-We are taking the whole week off. Yay! I am just as excited about the break as the kids are. We will visit with family all week, eat until we feel sick and then eat some more. I love vacation time.

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Zibilee said...

Even if you don't make it all the way through the writing project, you still have accomplished quite a bit, and I am still super excited about seeing your story. I am off to check out your prologue snippet now!!