October 10, 2009

There is No Word for a Dictionary Dependent

Warning! The words you are about to read are a true representation of my ineptitude from the last 2 weeks. Those with weak stomachs should avert their eyes now.

Oh Dictionary.com, how I love thee. Your uses are infinite. Your benefits are abundant. Your ability to transform me from a blathering idiot to a brilliant intellectual is unfathomable. Oh, how I long for you. Oh, how I cherish each moment I spend with you. Oh, how I should considered setting you as my home page. I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow. (When did Diana Ross invade my blog?)

Without you, Dictionary.com, I would not know that apropos ends with an s, that caddywampus is actually a word, that synonym has 2 ys, that knowledgeable retains it's e, that proclamation drops the i from its base word 'proclaim', & that it's not spelled libratory, liboratory or labritory but laboratory.

I would not know how to accurately spell: dependent, dominatrix(wouldn't you like to know) :p, proclivity, rendering, sanction, & trepidation

I would not know the exact meaning of metaphysics.

I would not be able to share with my son the proper pronunciation of pangea.

I would not know the many synonyms for cheeky (a few being audacious, brazen, foolhardy, ninny, sycophant & twerp).

I would not have come across some most excellent words such as meretricious, schlemiel &
schlimazel. (I have a sudden proclivity to sew a large L on my shirt.)

And I would not have been able to make sure that a vulva really is what I think it is. *blush*

Without you, oh beautious beauteous Dictionary.com, I would just be some opinionated knucklehead with a public platform from which to display my ignorantness(wait! Is that a word?...yes it is) because I am too lazy to get off my butt and open the real dictionary. (of course I didn't mean you are not a real dictionary. You are every bit as much a dictionary as that old paper one over there. That one is so fat and unwhealdy unwieldy. And no, that browser window doesn't make your butt look big.)

And thank you Ti for giving me a second chance to prove to the public that I am in fact a blathering idiot.

(Words that Blogger's spell check doesn't recognise: caddywampus, pangea, schlimazel, ignorantness, & Blogger's(!).)


Ti said...

Haha! Great post! I use Dictionary.com more often than I'd like to admit. I am usually right in the spelling but I second guess myself and then have to check just to be sure.

Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Rebecca :) said...

I heart Dictionary.com as well! Thesaurus.com has been good, too, when I am trying to think of a certain word and all I can come up with is one that is similar in meaning, but not the one I wanted to use. Because, apparently, my brain lacks retention. :)

Tomer said...

> Words that Blogger's spell check
> doesn't recognise

There is a good spell check program Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It works in all programs, including web, and blogs.

Sherrie said...

Loved your post!! I also love Dictionary.Com. I use it all the time. I'm a terrible speller!! If not for Dictionary.Com and spell check my blog would drive people away. Have a great day!!


Petunia said...

Ti-And then there are days when I misspell words that I DO know how to spell.

Rebecca-Nice to meet you. I use Thesaurus.com almost as much as the dictionary.

Tomer-Oooo, I'll look into that. I wonder if it knows that homeschool is one word. Blogger doesn't.

Sherrie-It's hard to live with such secrets isn't it. So make your own confession. Just let it out.

Lynn said...

Cute, cute post :) I had a commenter at my blog just this week say she used dictionary.com to look up a word I'd used (gustatory). I'll bet as a homeschooler, you can have all kinds of fun with that site.

Nicole said...

Dictionary.com is all kinds of awesome. Just like this post. I like the word caddywampus. No idea what it means but it sounds fun.

Petunia said...

Lynn-If they made money every time they got a click, I would singlehandedly be keeping their business in the black.

Nicole-lol It means off kilter. I used the word to describe the Bavarian Creme I made that came out of it's mold in a less than round shape.

Jeane said...

What a fun post. I'm always typing words blogger spellcheck doesn't recognize, and then plugging them into dictionary.com to make sure I got it right. Sometimes I find I got the spelling right, but not quite the meaning!