September 01, 2009

It's Tuesday...Where are you?

Every Tuesday I'll post about where my reading is taking me. You can join the fun too. Visit An Adventure in Reading to find out more.

I have settled in Chicago where I work at the Newberry Library but I make occasional trips to New Haven, Michigan to meet my future bride. I have more trouble answering the question of when am I since I jump from past to future to present without warning.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Newberry Park and Library


Zibilee said...

That is a beautiful picture! I really hope you end up enjoying The Time Traveler's Wife, and I will be interested to hear your take on it.

C. B. James said...

I spent a summer taking a class at the Newberry Library once. I had lunch in that very park many times. It's a terrific little park that very few people know about, so it's always quiet. A great place to do a few quick watercolors.