June 28, 2009

The Sunday Salon

This has been our first week of swimming season which is always the hardest. Our lungs aren't used to holding so much air for so long, our muscles aren't used to moving in these ways, our skin is not used to so much sunshine. But we love the summer because we spend several hours each day sitting poolside with our friends. There is a sizable group of us that schedule our swim lessons at the same time every summer so that we can share lunch and conversation. It is the stuff that fond memories are made of.

But I don't get much reading done at the pool. There are too many cheerful friends talking about too many interesting subjects. But I have been dipping in, here and there, to Serpent in the Garden of Dreams by Robin Messing. It's my first book for the Take a Chance Challenge. Though there are only 166 pages, I am not yet sure what it is all about.

Maybe this is old news for some (or all) of you but I watched Life is Beautiful this weekend and fell in love with Guido. At first I thought it was corny, like the old Pippy Longstockings movies. Then I was cracking up at all the hilarious antics Guido got in and out of(a poodle on a serving dish!). And finally I was fighting back tears and smiling with relief at the ending. Now I know what all the buzz was about when it first came out in 1997. Life is Beautiful was a truly beautiful film that I think everyone should see.

Lastly, I have family visiting for the weekend. We are busy shopping, eating pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, and shopping again. Tomorrow we may try to go to the science museum followed by a trip to some antique stores for more shopping. Entertaining the in-laws sure is tough. ;)


bermudaonion said...

I've never even heard of Life is Beautiful - that's how out of it I am. Sounds like I need to check it out.

Ti said...

We just watched the old Pippi movies last weekend. My kids got a real kick out of them. Maybe I will check out Life is Beautiful too.

We just started our second 2-week session of swim lessons. My daughter did not advance last week but then when she started this new session yesterday, the instructor sent her to the next level and she swam all across the pool in the deep end! I guess those two weeks paid off.

All of my friends scheduled their kids at the same time too so there is no reading to be had. They are a chatty bunch. LOL.

BTW..I love your header.

Jenny said...

It took me a really long to join the Life Is Beautiful party - I expected it to be way too sad to watch, because we saw one clip of it in a class once. Turns out we watched the saddest clip of all the clips. The rest of it actually is a comedy about the Holocaust. Well played, everyone involved in that project.

Lenore said...

I'd love to go swimming right about now. Sounds heavenly!