December 12, 2006

Review: Yellow Star

Review: Yellow Star
by Jennifer Roy

I picked this up from the library yesterday after reading a review for it over at Semicolon. It's the true story of a young girl who lived through the Holocaust in a Polish ghetto. It starts out from the prospective of a four year old and continues in this poetical free style throughout, with pages here and there setting historical context. It truly captures the innocence of a child thoughts and emotions. I fell in love with this girl, Syvia, and her family. I fell in love with this book!

Yellow Star has been nominated for the Cybil Award for Middle Grade Fiction. And there is good reason. It is a beautifully written tale that is appropriate reading for younger readers as well adults. The author shares how she came to writing the book and she includes a "where are they now" chapter at the end. I highly recommend Yellow Star.

BTW, while your over at Semicolon checking out this and other reviews from the Cybil Award Nominations, take a look at her list of the best book lists of 2006. There is enough reading material for two years worth of good reading.

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