September 06, 2006

Change is Good

My little world is changing in big ways.

For 5 years we have moved 5 times, each in an attempt to gain some stability. Funny huh? We moved to Washington state and loved it; but there was no work for the Theologian so we reluctantly moved back to our native CA because this is where all of our family lives. We stayed with family until a job opened up for us. Then we thought, "If we can't live in WA then we should live in the mountains." So for 9 months our family of 5 lived in a tiny 5th-wheel trailer in the mountains. When I just couldn't handle that for one more minute we moved into our current apartment, which was huge compared to the trailer. But now we are bursting at the seams. So we will be moving yet again in less than 3 weeks.

When we decided to move into a house we hoped this would be a little more permanant. It kind of depended on work. Well this week we got some very reassuring news. The company that the Theologian has been working for has asked him to be part of a special department that is made up of the best of the best. They like the kind of work he's been doing and they hear nothing but praise from his coworkers and bosses. This is a big compliment and also a stable position. (Yeah!)

We are all very happy and proud over here today. And now it's time to pack some boxes.

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