August 03, 2006

A Petunia by any other name

I bet when you saw the name Petunia you thought of the flower right? It's a lovely thought to be associated with a beautiful flower. Unforntunately that's not where my name came from. I was named for a pig.

Yes, a pig. Porky Pig's girlfriend to be exact. See, I was the fattest baby my mother had ever seen. Fat and bald and colicky. Don't I sound pleasant?

I'd like to say I am no longer like that. I'm certainly not fat, or bald; though that will change with time. I never did outgrow the whole crybaby thing. Now instead of keeping people up all night with mind numbing wails I simply complain. About everything. Even if I don't really have a complaint. I'm working on changing it.

Now I'm not complaining about the nickname here(Honest!). I like it. It's a testament to my mother's spirit. She's patient and loving. She's kind and thoughtful. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to have a baby that couldn't be comforted, along with an active toddler, and a difficult marriage. And yet she found a way to be affectionate and playful with me. I love that!

So I gladly embrace Petunia as my nickname. When I get together with Brother BooBoo, Sister PeeWee and Mom(Nana) I know that I am one fortunate piglet.

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