August 08, 2006

Family Time

A couple of weeks ago the Theologian was doing some work in the mountains where his employer had provided him with a cabin in the forest rangers' grounds. We saw this as a golden opportunity for a working vacation. So sunday morning we packed all that was necessary and enjoyed a day for tourist-y things: waterfalls, caves, big rocks in rivers. Then we headed for the cabin. Really it was a small house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a fully functioning kitchen, and laundry facilities. There was even a playground next to a private firepit in the backyard. This is my idea of camping! Roasting s'mores in the bonfire and sleeping in a bed under a roof.

Monday morning found the kids running around outside while I read in the windowseat. After lunch we took a short jog to the horse stables. Did you know that horses stand side by side facing in opposite directions so that one horse's tail can swat at the flies on the other horse's eyes? Smart horses! When the Theologian got home we found a small bit of beach area near the river and splashed until the mosquitos had had their fill. In the evening I read Wind in the Willows while the kids played dominoes until bedtime. And a little later I got a visit from a neighboring forest ranger. She warned me that a bear was spotted near the laundry rooms, a meer 15 feet from our cabin. I watched from the safety of the livingroom but I never saw Smoky. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Tuesday the kids and I intermittently cleaned and played until the Theologian was done with all his work. We made the long drive home and enjoyed restaurant cuisine. We recuperated the next day with our friends at the pool.

What a refreshing time we had! DH enjoyed nature, the kids got to be wild and crazy, I had peace enough to read and nap, and, best of all, it was free.

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