August 01, 2006

Book Review:Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading

Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading
by Maureen Corrigan

With a title like that I had to check it out. A book about the favorite books of an obsessive reader and how they affected her life? I'm so there!

Ms. Corrigan is a book reviewer and literature professor. She separates her autobiography into three main areas of focus: female action-adventure novels, mysteries, and non-religious martyr stories. She discusses some of her favorite titles, sometimes with very long and detailed summaries, and then she explains why they are so important to her. She shares some of the most important parts of her own life that fit into each category: adopting from China, going to grad school, and being a skeptical Catholic.

I can't say that I agree with the author's political views or that she has led a fasinating life but I can say that I like her. Ms. Corrigan is unashamedly honest with her readers and herself. I feel as if I've been welcomed into a part of her life. We could meet at the coffee shop and chat like friends and discuss the latest books we've read. Overall, I'd say this was a fun read for when you've got a lazy sunday afternoon(or two) and need some new ideas for what to read next. (She even thought to include a Recommendations chapter at the end. Good thinking Maureen!)

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