October 25, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Books-Thanks in part to the 24 Hour Readathon I read four books this past week. I need to get reviews up but my mind is mushy right now. I feel a nap coming on.

Challenges-I've met my goal for the RIP IV Challenge. Yay! I'm halfway done with Take a Chance but I need to get moving. Only one month left. I'm just over 70% for Clear Off Your Shelves. I only need 50% so that gives me a little room for library and newer books. And I joined 2 new challenges that start next Sunday, The Really Old Classics & The Four Month Challenge. If you want to see my challenge books, click on the buttons on the left.

Food-I did try a couple more recipes from MtAoFC. One was fab and the other failed my expectations. That post will go up sometime this week.

Music-I've been teaching myself piano since Jan. when a friend loaned us his extra piano. This week was a tough song but I think I'm finally getting it. The hard part about self-teaching is that if you don't understand something there is no one to explain it better or break it down to smaller, more digestible pieces. But playing brings me joy and that's all that matters.

Illness-The Eldest had flu this week. He hasn't been sick in years. Even when the rest of us get terrible stomach flu he doesn't catch it. Now we are all paranoid about getting it. In our area of the US they say if you have the flu then it is the swine flu, which doesn't actually bother me too much. It seems like everyone and their mother has swine flu right now. Hopefully it has run its course in this family.

Halloween is on Saturday! We don't celebrate the holiday so much as have fun designing and creating costumes from scratch. And it is the first holiday in a string of holidays that involves candy or other sweets. From now until May my largest Tupperware bowl becomes known as the Candy Bowl. We are all looking forward to a full Candy Bowl.


bermudaonion said...

They're saying the same thing about the flu here. They say don't go to the doctor - just assume it's swine flu and self isolate. I hope you all stay well.

Ti said...

I really think Swine is just another strain of seasonal flu. If you fall ill, people need to stay home and get better but a lot of people don't or can't. That's the problem.

Petunia said...

Today I am exhausted, have post-nasal drip and a mild fever. But the weather just changed overnight from 80 to 50 so I'm praying it is just that and not that stupid flu. I hate flu, swine or otherwise.