August 11, 2009

Review: The Two Princess of Bamarre

The Two Princesses of Bamarre
by Gail Carson Levine

Princess Meryl is wild and desperate for an adventure. Princess Addie is timid and enjoys nothing more than to sew her tapestries. These two sisters are as different as two can be. When one becomes sick the other must find a way to cure her based on a legendary prophecy.

I listened to this audio book with my kids while driving back from my vacation. It was a sweet story, much like Levine's classic Ella Enchanted. I recognized elements from fairy tales, such as a tablecloth that sets itself and boots that travel far distances in a single step. Both princesses are likable and so are the rest of the cast of characters. It was a good book for girls, encouraging bravery and ingenuity.

The book was read by Lynn Redgrave, an actress that I like and who does a superb job with voices and timing, but it was odd for a book about young princesses to be read by such a, shall we say, mature voice. It took a while for the story to get going and the moments of suspense were a bit drawn out for me. But the momentum gained and didn't let up until the last chapter. My daughter thought the ending was bittersweet.

While searching for a cover image I learned there is to be a movie but that is all I could find out. No projected release date, no actors. My daughter hopes that they don't butcher this one the way they did Ella Enchanted. (They may as well have changed the name since it was so different from the book.) We'll just wait and see.


Rhinoa said...

I like the sound of this. I haven't read the Ella Enchanted books yet, but they are on my list. Thanks for the recommendation, I do like bittersweet endings :)

Jenny said...

Hm, a movie? I am tentatively interested - though like you say, I hope they don't do it if they're not going to do it right. (And by right I don't meant they need to be slavishly faithful, but some adherence to the plot of the book would be, you know. Better.)

Petunia said...

Rhinoa - read Ella first. It's an award winner for a reason.

Jenny - exactly my thoughts.

Zibilee said...

My daughter read and loved Ella Enchanted, and I think she would love this book too. I am glad it was a hit with both you and your kids. Maybe I will get a chance to read it after my daughter finishes with it. Also, I think it's really great that you encourage your kids in their reading. I do the same.

Jeane said...

I didn't like this book as much as Ella Enchanted, but it was nice. (I wasn't thrilled with what they did to the movie, either)

Anonymous said...

Two completely different sisters... Hmm, who does THAT sound like?? :)