August 20, 2009

BTT: Recent Best

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

The two books that I would say I've enjoyed the most were both audio books so I couldn't strictly say I read them but I will share them with you just the same. One was Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. I have not yet written a review for it but I really liked it a lot. The characters were great, the stories within the main story were fun (unless they weren't meant to be), and the place and setting were expertly drawn. Plus she includes quilting in all her writing. As a quilter I usually connect better when the characters share my fondness for the hobby.

The second book was The First Part Last. The genuineness of the characters and my emotional reaction to them by the end of the story made it a standout for me. Highly highly recommended.

Before I go I will share that I am also thoroughly enjoying my current book, which I am actually reading, Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant. So well researched and wonderfully written. I'm almost finished and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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jlshall said...

Sandra Dallas is an author I want to try - she gets such great reviews. And I recently read Sacred Hearts, too, and really enjoyed it.

Nise' said...

A couple of people mention Sacred Hearts. I had it in my hand at the library, but put it back. Will have to go back and get it.

Lezlie said...

Since you're loving it, I can't wait to see your review of Sacred Hearts! I'm always curious what attracted people to books that didn't do much for me. Sometimes it gives me a completely different perspective.


Susan B. Evans said...

It was hard for me to pick just one favorite, so I did a top five :) Here's my BTT.

Anonymous said...

I recently read Prayers for Sale as well, and enjoyed it so much I went looking for more of her books. The Diary of Mattie Spenser was excellent too!

Petunia said...

JL-I hadn't heard of her. I just liked the cover of the audio book at the library. I'm glad I did.

Nice'-I hope you like it. (I'm curious what the apostrophe is for.) :)

Lizlie-Turns out the ending left me flat but that's ok. I did enjoy most of it.

Susan-I wish I'd thought of that. Then I could have added Tethered and The Well & the Mine.

Ravenous-Coincidentally, I just bought another Dallas book. Mattie Spencer tempted me but I ended up with The Persian Pickle Club, but I know what I'll get next time.