July 12, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Some people dread the moment that they close the back cover of a book they've thoroughly enjoyed. They slow don't as they come to the end so it will last just a little longer. And a few even turn right back to the first page and start all over again. Then there are people who get great pleasure at finishing a good book so they can savor the feelings it has stirred in them, let those feelings swirl around and turn into a fine mist, and start again hopeful that the next story will be just as splendid.

I sit in the latter group. I tend to not finish things I start, like quilts and chores, so when I do finish something I get excited. I feel proud and accomplished. So it is no wonder that I am feeling so good tonight. Yesterday I finally listened to the last of the audio book of Home by Marilynn Robinson which I started at the beginning of the year. And tonight I listened to the audio book of The First Part Last by Angela Johnson. My joy is mixed with the feelings of wonderment that I feel for that last satisfying read. I can't wait to review it.

I am still getting through The Walking People. It's been a slow start but I am finally gaining some interest in the story. I picked up The Soloist, the book that the movie is based on, at the library but I leave for a major vacation soon so I hope I can get through it before I leave. Then I have 2 other ARCs to get through before I am free. I'm keeping my promise to myself; I haven't requested anything new lately.

I hope all have had a restful weekend and are ready to start fresh again in the morning. Night all!


gautami tripathy said...

I didn't do much reading this sunday!

Here is my TSS post

bermudaonion said...

I fall somewhere in the middle. I love to savor a great book, but there are some that I just hate to end.

Ti said...

If a book is really good, I plow through it but then linger over the ending. I did that with The Shadow of the Wind recently. I stretched those last 50 pages out into 3 days of reading.