December 07, 2008

The Sunday Salon

So sorry. I meant to do it. Really I did but time just got away from me somehow. A whole week went by and no review for Sarah's Key. I should be slapped on the wrist and sent to bed without dessert. Well, I already ate dessert so maybe my punishment should be postponed till tomorrow. But with the stack of goodies from Sees Candies sitting on the bar I wouldn't hold your breath that I will actually not get dessert. But you can still slap my wrist.


There. All's better now. So I will write a review of Sarah's Key this week. Promise. Then I will write a review of The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox because I just finished it five minutes ago. Look for something favorable.

Next up on the roster is The Fireman's Wife, an ARC from Library Things Early Review Program. It looks promising. I also need to get to The Might Queens of Freeville which I've heard good things about. After that my reading will take a darker turn with Breathing Out the Ghost in prep for a TLC Book Tour. I look forward to some good reading the rest of the year. Then I hope to read a few titles off my own shelves. Maybe?


J.Danger said...

good luck! I always find myself saying that and then someone will say something about a different book, next thing you know I am at the library....The Mighty Queens of Freeville sounds fun!

Petunia said...

Because these are ARCs and I am expected to give them reviews I don't have much choise in the matter. But I may try to sneak in something without any expectations attached just for the fun of it.

Michelle said...

Life seems to get in the way sometime. And someone said to awhile back about reading and blogging being two hobbies that get in the way of each other. I think that's very true.