February 18, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I wrote a nice little post for the Sunday Salon but Blogger wouldn't let me post it for fear of contracting a virus from my computer. (??) So now I'm trying again to post my saved post but it only saved half of the first sentence. Grrr!

Sundays are turning out to be not so good for reading, at least for me. I snatched 1.5 hours in spurts and starts throughout the day, getting me 54 pages into Firefly Lane, a used ARC copy I received that's not getting the highest of reviews. So far, I can hardly blame the reviewers.

This week was not as bookish as I would have liked either, considering my list of titles from last week. I did finish Buccaneers and The Inferno of Dante, one being a disappointment and the other enjoyable but needing more references. And I started listening to Austenland on the Zune. It's definitely chitlit but so far I am having fun with it.

For the upcoming week I am hoping to finish Firefly Lane and a nonfic. I need to return to the library. And if I have the time I will try to get through Will in the World. But I may be seriously deluding myself in thinking I will have that much time. We're already one day into the week and I have only read 2 pages. We shall see which way the winds may blow.

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Eva said...

Good luck with your reading! I hope that Firefly Lane gets a bit better. :)