February 19, 2008

Exercise Your Brain

Prevention.com is offering a weekly newsletter offering an excerpt from The Intellectual Devotional, a book I have been coveting for some small while. This week's excerpt is about the death of Socrates, a subject I an interested in because our homeschool is currently studying that time period in Ancient History. In fact, my teenager, the Eldest, is reading his second work by Plato as I type. Last week's excerpt about the cloning of the sheep Dolly was really fascinating stuff. And it only takes a minute or two to read. It's well worth the time.

I do believe that today I will take in my 40% off coupon to the local Borders and buy myself a copy of this:


Anonymous said...

This is a fascinating premise for a devotional book - I must check this out! I bet I have a Borders coupon or two waiting in my email as we speak!

Thanks for visiting Bookstack, and for your lovely compliment :)

Susanne Barrett said...

I saw this at B&N last week, and I was intrigued. Let me know how it is!

Susanne from LP

Trish said...

Petunia - do you homeschool your kids personally or do they attend a homeschool? I've done a little bit of reading (on blogs) about how people approach homeschool and it seems as though some towns have co-ops?

Petunia said...

Ravenous-that's what I thought when I started seeing some bloggers write about it. It's not really trivial stuff but enlightening information.

Hey Susanne-unfortunately I didn't get it. I decided to wait until next month. But I'll let you know when I do get it.

Trish-I know lots of people who use co-ops or charter schools but we do school at home with no help. I wanted the freedom to choose my own curriculum and to decide what and when we were studing. We do a modified classical approach so it is pretty rigorous.

Trish said...

and is there a particular reason why you homeschool? If I'm getting too personal, feel free to ignore my questions. :) I think hubby would really like for me to homeschool our kids (when we have them and they are of age...so this wouldn't be for a while), but it seems so overwhelming! Anyway, so I'm always interested in what's going on with others who homeschool.

Anonymous said...

oooh oooh....I have this one!! I love it, my husband and I read from it all the time!