January 01, 2008

Another One Down

I love that picture! Yes, another challenge completed. Yay! The Reading the Author Challenge was a fun one. But it's not quite done yet. First there are a few questions:
Why this particular challenge? After reading some of the biography of Wharton by Hermione Lee, I was planning to read several of her novels anyway. It was just good timing. Having the public challenge kept me focused on the goal that I might have otherwise let slip.
Which author and why? Edith Wharton because I fell in love with her book House of Mirth a few years ago. In a three year run of reading the classics it was my favorite. I am glad to have read more by her. All of her works move me in the same way.
Which books did you read? The Age of Innocence, The Ghost Stories of, and Ethan Frome.
Which would you recommend for someone trying this author for the first time? Of these three I'd say Ethan Frome, though I think Madame de Treymes would be a better starting place, but it's much harder to find.
How would you characterise this author or the books? A critical and accurate view of elite New York life in the early 1900s from a woman who knew first hand. Wharton plays out the struggle between desire and duty and it's not always pretty but it's always moving.
Thanks Verbivore for hosting and congrats to all the other participants.


Nymeth said...

Congratulations on finishing the challenge! It sounds like you had a great time with it.

Petunia said...

Nymeth-I did. I plan to keep reading Wharton until I've gotten through all of her works.