December 11, 2007

Warning! Ice Burgs Ahead

So what do you get when you mix the completion of two books with the stomach flu? Very weird dreams. First I finished Endurance, the true story of Shackleton's doomed antarctic expedition and incredible rescue. I then finished No Plot? No Problem!, a book of encouragement and tips for getting through the NaNoWriMo in 30 days. Here is a sampling of my dreams:

I'm sailing in a boat in the antarctic, trying to get back to my men before their rations run out in 30 days but my way is blocked by ice burgs made of piles and piles of words.

I need to rescue my men but the only way to do it is by writing how I intend to rescue them before I start off but I have writer's block.

I kept waking up, every hour or so with the last member of my family in the throws of illness, with visions of words in my way or not coming to me when I needed them. There was a constant feeling of pressure that I was running out of time. I awoke exhausted in every way. Since I have no energy to cook or clean, I thought I'd blog. Enjoy the reviews.

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