December 17, 2007

The Sunday Salon

This is the project I've been working on for the last few evenings. That's the Lego Knight's Kingdom set known as Vladek's Dark Fortress.

Besides wasting all that time I also spent most of my day yesterday Christmas shopping. I was able to check off a few more names from the list.

But you came here to read about my bookish adventures. I was able to squeeze in about an hour or so of reading last night, giving me the time to finish yet another book for the week, Adam of the Road. The review is forthcoming. I am hoping to also spend the next couple of weeks reading Wharton's Buccaneers and McEwan's Atonement. I am really looking forward to the movie release of Atonement in January. It's been nominated for 7 Golden Globes and the trailer looks fantastic. I will be vacating for Christmas, spending the time with Mom, PeeWee Sister and her 3 munchkins so we'll see just how much reading actually gets done.

And now I'm off to do a bit more shopping. =)


Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD said...

So I'm not the only one who helps build these monstrous LEGO creations. :) Well done!

(here via Sunday Salon)

Eva said...

Have fun shopping! (impressed by the legos) I hope you and your family are all over the flu (I've been cut off from the internet for awhile, lol)!

Petunia said...

hsien-no, about once every couple of years I say, "Let's put together all the Lego sets." It can take a month but it is a lot of fun.

Eva-we are all finally feeling a lot better. Thanks! And the shopping is done too. Now I'm ready to enjoy hanging out with family with no worries.

Trish said...

I'll be looking forward to your review of Atonement. It's next on my list and I can't wait to start it! I agree that the movie looks wonderful.

Carrie K said...

Atonement is out now. I still haven't read the book. ARgh.

Petunia said...

Trish-I'm on vacation and haven't had any time to read but I still hope to finish before the new year.

Carrie-It's out on limited release and no where near where I live. I'm having trouble finding out about a wide release date. I definitely want to see this one in the theater.

Dewey said...

I'm looking forward to the movie of Atonement, too. I hope it lives up to our expectations!