December 31, 2007

The Sunday Salon

I hope all of my friends out there had as merry of a Christmas as we did. I'm finally back from visiting family and ready to get back into the daily grind of life. First things first!
Yes, it was attack of the Legos again. This is the new castle. It was of course essential that I build this before I got around to cleaning or buying groceries or anything else. =)

I spent the whole of Christmas week trying to read Atonement but, like I predicted, I didn't get very far. In fact, I read a total of 1 chapter. But I've been reading a bit since I've been home and so far I am loving the writing. The character development is phenomenal. I recommend you stay tuned for the review.

And hey! Have yourself a jolly New Year!


Nymeth said...

I love that lego castle! Legos were my favourite toys when I was a child.

The holiday season is just terribly slow when it comes to reading, isn't it? But for good reasons!

A Happy New Year to you!

Eva said...

What an awesome looking castle! And Happy New Year! :)

Petunia said...

Nymeth-I suppose I'm lucky that my boys are spaced out. I've been able to play with Legos for 10 years and now the youngest is starting to collect them. I love all the Knights Kingdom sets.

Eva-You should see my 5 year old playing with it. Hours of fun.