September 12, 2007

What a Guy!

While the Theologian was out buying this Garage Freezer last night, he also purchased this new fridge as a surprise delivery this morning. And just in time to show off at our party this weekend. My husband's cooler than yours is. =)


Trish said...

Yes, way cooler. Ha ha! In our two recent moves, our fridge has been through hell. Hubby tried to JBweld the broken shelves, but now I just try not to put a lot of weight on them. The freezer was leaking in our last house, but this move seemed to have solved the problem. Urg!! No fridges for us, though, for a while!

Petunia said...

Poor Trish. Well, count your blessings; at least it's still keeping your food cold.

LH said...

Wow, great appliances. That's great.
I got linked here from Jessica's I think (click, click, click)