September 09, 2007

Short Story Sunday

A Ghost Story
by Jerome K. Jerome

Suppose a man died with the dearest wish of his heart unfulfilled, do you believe that his spirit might have power to return to earth and complete the interrupted work?

What follows is the short tale of a plan for revenge unfulfilled and the aftermath. This was the shortest story I've read yet but the creepiest. I liked the writing style. Very easy to understand and paints a picture before your eyes. I will have to read more of Jerome's work.

He is best known for his novel Three Men in a Boat. His stories are included in a number of anthologies of ghost stories and comic collections. My library system has the following scary story titles that include his works:
  • The Dracula Book of Great Horror Stories
  • The Haunted Dolls
  • Fun Phantoms
  • Ghosts and Ghastlies
  • The Monster Makers
  • Famous Monster Tales
  • Horror Stories
  • The Best Ghost Stories Ever

That's a lot of ghost story books. I'll have to keep them in mind for RIP III in 2008.


Cath said...

I have a small volume of ghostly short stories by JKJ entitled After Dinner Ghost Stories. Oddly enough though it doesn't include The Ghost Story unless it's under another name. So clearly there are more stories by him than I realised; I thought he only wrote a few.

Carrie K said...

He wrote ghost stories? I've only read his Three men in a boat. I'll have to check it out.

Petunia said...

Cath-there are only 3 different stories contained in all of these collections; the most popular one being The Dancing Partner. The story I reviewed here may also be called The Skeleton.

Carrie-check for the title Cath listed above. That's all his own work.