April 21, 2007

Mr. Dickens

I had forgotten to mention before but we named the kitty. Meet Dickens. He's named for the entertaining Charles Dickens. Isn't he cute as the...well, the dickens?

As it happens we are watching the Dickens adaptation of Bleak House. And I started reading Stardust this afternoon and came across this:
Mr. Charles Dickens was serializing his novel Oliver Twist; Mr. Draper had just taken the first photograph of the moon, freezing her pale face on cold paper; Mr. Morse had recently announced a way of
transmitting messages down metal wires.
Had you mentioned magic or Faerie to any of them, they would have smiled at you disdainfully, except perhaps for Mr. Dickens, at the time a young man, and beardless. He would have looked at you wistfully.

Ah. I can picture Mr. Dickens looking at me wistfully. He does it each night before falling asleep in my lap.


Melanie said...

A beautiful cat! Looks like he's made himself comfortable already. :)

Quixotic said...

He is indeed cute!

Hope you are enjoying Stardust!

Petunia said...

There wasn't a better combination of pet and family. We all adore each other.

I am loving Stardust! It's going faster than I thought it would.

booklogged said...

He is cute as the dickens. I love orange cats, which is funny because all three of mine or black and grey.

Carrie K said...

I can imagine that Dickens sleeping peacefully in your lap easier than the other! At least curled up. ;)

Debi said...

What a wonderful name! He is incredibly adorable!
I haven't read Stardust, but it's definitely on my to read more sooner than later list. I've heard nothing but good things about it. Can't wait to read your review.

Petunia said...

Booklogged-Our last cat was black and not very nice. I think we will be sticking with orange kitties from now on.

Carrie-lol What an image I now have in my head!

Debi-I highly encourage you to read Stardust. Carl and Chris and everyone else was right. It is a delightful book that can be read in no time. I'm reading a library copy but will have to buy my own for rereading in the future. My review will be coming very soon.