February 15, 2007

Must I?

I've borrowed this from the library and thought it would be fun to see how many books I'd read. I very quickly realized I hadn't even heard of a great many of these titles. Here's what I did learn about myself:

Books I've Read-48

Books I Own-105

Books I've Heard Of-197

Some of the titles I knew as movies but didn't realize they were books first(duh). And I found out I know virtually nothing of books from the twentieth century. Judging by some of the descriptions this is not an entirely bad thing. Plenty of these books don't sound like I need to bother. I think I shall stick to my Victorian Era and kiddie lit.

I am considering purchasing the 1001 Books book to have as a reference. It gives a description of all 1001 books. Not all the descriptions include a plot summary. There is also info. about the author and the technique that made the book great. Some of the descriptions were a little wordy(too intellectual) for me but overall it gave lots of useful information. And of the 48 books I have read, I only found one small error in a summary.

In case you'd like to browse the titles for yourself, you can find the list here.


booklogged said...

Thanks for sharing the link for the list. I'm going to go through and see how many, if any, I've read.

Bookfool said...

I lost count. LOL But, I'm printing the list out; thanks for the link. :)