January 31, 2007

January Books

Besides Silas Marner, Agnes Grey, and Pinocchio, I read a couple of other books this month that I didn't get around to reviewing. Here they are:

The Epic of Gilgamesh
Prereading for when the Dragon Slayer reads it for school next year. I've only read the kids version by Zeman, which are beautiful. The adult version is for mature audiences. I am fascinated by the history of how we found this Epic. It was found carved into hundreds stone tablets in Sumeria. It's the first written tale we have found. It's the story of King Gilgamesh and his adventures in search of immortality. The translation I read, from Penguin Classics, was very dry so I plan to read a different version. Consider this poetry, history, and a classic.

The Thirteenth Tale
I loved it! Why didn't I review it? Because it has been reviewed by every book blogger in blogdom and I haven't read a bad review yet. There are several different stories going on at once that are all tied up nicely at the end. It's a Victorian ghost story reminiscent of Jane Eyre. Definitely a keeper. Warning-it does deal with some nasty subjects but in such a way that you barely even notice. It adds to the story instead of making it unpleasant. It's way less offensive than all of the detective dramas currently running on TV. Very Highly Recommend!!


sarala said...

I'll have to go for Thirteenth Tale based on your recommendation.

Petunia said...

I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'd label it as one of my favorites.