January 04, 2007

Found: Treasure

One of my favorite stores is the Salvation Army. I love hunting through their shelves of used books to find some treasure. I am fortunate to live within 15 minutes of two large stores. So the other day I considered myself extra lucky when I came across some very homeschool friendly choices.

Detectives in Togas by Winterfeld
Mummies in the Morning by Osborne
The Classical Greeks by Grant
Better Handwriting for You
The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body(hardback) by Cole
Images of Beauty (two books in one: The Ugly Duckling by A.A. Milne and Beauty and the Beast by Mayer)

All of these books can be used in our school next year when we study ancient history. Even the Beauty book since we will be reading folk tales from around the world.

Oh, and for myself I also found Antigone by Sophocles and Hard Times by Charles Dickens. I love a good treasure hunt!

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