September 26, 2006

I'm Back

It has been a heck of a couple of weeks around here. I'm trying to catch my breath but life is still whizzing by at lightning speed.

First off, we finally moved; which is why I have not posted lately. For some reason the Theologian sent our internet connection over to the new house a week before the computer. I'm slowly getting over my withdrawal symptoms.

Among all our packing we had two deaths in the family: our beloved Opa and my boisterous Great Aunt. Opa was ready to go so that one was sad but also a relief. We miss him but he is so much happier in the presence of His Lord. My Great Aunt was unexpected and caused more heartache for the circumstances around it. I grieve for my Great Uncle's loss.

We also celebrated a birthday. Our friends were almost surprised that we did anything with everything else going on. But GoldieLocks deserved a couple of hours, at least, of smiling playfulness in the midst of all the anxiety. It really was a much needed relief. It was a pleasure to remember when she joined our family 9 years ago. I'll share the story sometime.

With all this(and more) going on I have had virtually no time to read, or relax in any other way, but the house is slowly getting unpacked, the apartment is empty and clean, and I finally found my shampoo. =)

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