August 23, 2006


It started as a slow downward movement I didn't even notice; but as it creeped it slowly picked up others just like it along the way. It picked up speed until I reached back and wiped it away. That was the lifespan of the drip of sweat running down the center of my back. My air conditioner has broken. Again.

It is 90 in my little home right now. It's 100 outside. My good friend, SuperMom, picked up the kids to take them to the pool while I sit here melting into a pool of my own, waiting for maintenance to do something. I can't nap. I can't shower. And worst of all I can't read. The pages of my book stick to my fingers leaving a brown smudge on each page.

And even when the darn thing is fixed it will take all night to get the temperature down to a livable level of coolness. I can't wait to move.

Oh, and my email is not working either. Great.

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