January 31, 2008

A Character with Character

Sometimes I find eccentric characters quirky and fun, other times I find them too unbelievable and annoying. What are some of the more outrageous characters you’ve read, and how do you feel about them?

The best examples I can think of for quirky characters are those found in Charles Dickens' novels. There is no denying that Mr. Guppy (Bleak House) is a fantastic character. Or "the Riverside Character" from Our Mutual Friend.

Another author with great quirkies is Jane Austen. Her characters have so much quirk they spill all over the pages. These example are the kinds that I love encountering.


Anonymous said...

I've also posted about Dickens who really does do the eccentric well. I hadn't thought about Austen, but of course, You're absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

Dickens had a great way with quirky characters. They come alive.

Melwyk said...

I love Mr.Guppy! He is so entirely weird. You're right about Dickens' mastery of the quirky character.

Anonymous said...

Dickens, absolutely. I hadn't thought of Jane Austen.