May 01, 2007

Review:Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine
by Anna Quindlen

This review won't take very long. I was bored. Extremely bored. I kept checking the title page to make sure that I was reading the right book. "Wasn't this written by Anna Quindlen?" Yes, it was but according to scores of reviews at Amazon, which I didn't read before I'd picked up the book, this is not her best work and could be her worst.

This is supposed to be the story of two sisters; Meghan, the famous morning show host along the lines of Katie Couric, and Bridget, the obscure sister living in the shadows.
It's about the shocking revelation made on the air by the famous sister and how the obscure sister takes on the role of the strong sister in their relationship and how it makes everything better.

The shocking revelation was not very shocking, in my opinion. And the obscure sister doesn't really take on the role of the strong sister either. The book only got interesting near the end when a tragedy brings everyone together again. But even this was ruined by an odd distinction that's made about the difference between truth and a good story.

I was rather disappointed. I had hoped this was going to be interesting and fun, perhaps involving a little soul searching. But it meandered too much for me to enjoy it or learn anything from it. The only thing I liked about it was the cover.


Carl V. Anderson said...

The only two A.Q. books I've read were two non-fiction books about reading that I loved. Sorry this turned out to be such a disappointment.

Petunia said...

I've read one on reading and one on self-esteem, both of which I liked. Oh well. At least this one was a shorter read.

Anonymous said...

At least the cover was nice.

Don't you hate books like that? It's the letdown. Oh well. Better luck next book.

Booklogged said...

You're never sure what you're getting with Anna Quindlen. At least in my experience. Hope the next book is better.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Come visit me....