January 03, 2010

The Sunday Salon

Books-I've already finished one book this year, Fireworks Over Toccoa. And I ditched one book, Dead Before Dark. I know many of you love the Sookie Stackhouse books but I was 15 pages in when I decided that what was bothering me about the book wasn't something that was going to resolve itself later on. This year I am not wasting my time on books that are not up my alley.

Challenges-I will actually be finishing a book for the Really Old Classics. I have started and abandoned 3 so far but I am liking The Song of Roland. With my review of Alias Grace I have added another 10 points to the Four Month Challenge and it also counts for Our Mutual Read and the 2010. What an encouraging start to the year!

Wii-Finally! My mom got a Wii last year "for the grandkids and for exercise" and I loved it as much as my kiddos did. Now I have my own Wii Fit Plus and a Pilates game for it. Plus my daughter got Wii Dance which is hugely fun. I love to work my lower body with Fit Plus, my upper body with Sports, and get aerobic exercise with Dance. I just need to get past the soreness of starting a new workout routine.

Resolutions-Everyone's got them. Most of you have shared them. I'm trying to keep mine simple and few.
*I want to get more of my unfinished sewing projects done this year. I'm running out of storage space for all of it. I'm still investigating Etsy. There are some seriously cool things being made and sold on there.
*I'd like to get back to a mostly healthy lifestyle now that the holiday treats are just about gone. Dinner tonight will be salmon, brown rice and broccoli.
*I hope to get back to the poetry reading I started a couple of years ago.
*I'd like to do some WWI research since that's the setting for my nanowrimo novel from last Nov.

Wishing all my readers a peaceful and joyous 2010. May all your resolutions come to fruition.


bermudaonion said...

Good luck with your resolutions! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Amy said...

How was Fireworks? I've been told i'd be sent this book but haven't received it yet. :(

Susan said...

I'm curious to hear what you think of Fireworks Over Toccoa. It must have been okay or you wouldn't have finished it! :) I agree with your resolution to not waste time on books that don't tickle your fancy. I plan to do the same.

Happy New Year! Good luck with your healthy lifestyle plans. That one's always the hardest for me.

Ti said...

That Wii Fit sure makes exercise fun. We have a Wii but I don't have the balance board and the other stuff yet.

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I think that really old classics would be tough for me. I had toyed around with the idea of doing that challenge but just didn't come up with enough books that I thought I would like to read.

Jenners said...

Those sound like good resolutions ... and isn't the Wii so much fun? I was surprised how much we like ours. I'll have to look into the Dance one ... that sounds like a fun way to sweat.

And I think it is good not to waste your time on books that aren't your cup of tea!

Jenny said...

Jealous of the Wii Fit! My friend Laura has one and I loooove it.

Zibilee said...

So glad that you like your Wii! I got the Wii fit last year for Christmas, and it changed the way I worked out completely. I think it will probably do the same for you. Sorry to hear you didn't like Dead Until Dawn. I bought it a few months ago, hoping to find a series to fall in love with, but as of yet, it is still unread. I will have to keep your thoughts in mind when reading. I hope you have a very wonderful New Year, and that all your resolutions come to fruition!

Laura said...

I can not wait to read Fireworks over Toccoa...I've lived in Toccoa my whole life and I'm looking forward to volunteering at the Military Museum here!

Good luck w/your resolutions! =)

Petunia said...

Amy, Susan and Laura-sadly I didn't care for it but it was not entirely the books fault. My review will be up tomorrow.

Ti, Jenners, Jenny and Zibilee-the makers of Wii did a very smart thing creating so many exercise options in their game system. Moms and Dads all over are having a blast and spending their money on it rather than just kids.

Nicole-some of the older classics are not so bad. Homer is very readable. The Song of Roland is good. I'm struggling with the plays. But I love the classics in any form.

BermudaOnion-Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to have a happy year and to fulfill my resolutions to the best of my ability.

Lenore said...

I am also going to try to ditch books I am just not feeling.