January 14, 2010

The Proper Meanings of Words

While writing a comment on another blog, I looked up the words "peeked" and "peaked" but was not satisfied that the definitions fit with the phrase I was trying to write correctly. So I turned to Google. How I have come to love google for these seemingly trifling bits. Here's what I found:

"It is tempting to think that your attention might be aroused to a high point by “peaking” your curiosity; but in fact, “pique” is a French word meaning “prick,” in the sense of “stimulate.” The expression has nothing to do with “peek,” either. Therefore the expression is “my curiosity was piqued.”

An amazing number of people write about “mountain peeks.” A peak is a summit; a peek is a glimpse."

Now I know, and so do you. :)


Anonymous said...

Ms. Housel would be so proud! ;-)

Melwyk said...

You are so right! These 3 words getting all mixed up just drive me crazy ;)