December 24, 2009

Travel Log

Sights and sounds on the drive to Nana and Dude's:

* we saw a goat in the back of a pickup.
* my daughter saw what looked like a reindeer but turned out to be a pile of dirt with a tumble weed. I said it was probably manure. Reindeer Poop. ;)
* Snow!! In California!!
* when he saw an Out of Order sign on the root beer dispenser my son said, "They're out of beer Mom." He has my sense of humor.
* we saw a bright yellow, 3 wheeled motorcycle.
* I yelled back to son as we drove by the beer factory, "They have beer here! One pint or two?"
* we saw a car with the passenger seat taken up by a large teddy bear.
* we were listening to John Mayer's The Great Indoors as we drove by a store called The Great Outdoors.
* we drove by a convertible BMW with the licence plate 8T PLUS. The driver did look really old. What a healthy fellow!


Ti said...

I love this. So fun. Road trips are always a hoot.

Interesting weather in California this weekend. Yesterday was sunny and blue, today gloomy!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Fun post! I really like this! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Zibilee said...

Sounds like you had a very cool road trip! I hope your holiday season was a very merry one! I also wish you lots of blessings in the upcoming New Year!