December 13, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Books-In case you missed it on Thursday, I quit 3 books this week because they were bogging me down. Now I'm working on The Snowflake and Alias Grace, both for the Four Month Challenge.

Challenges-I'm down to 2 challenges and am planning to join the 2010 Challenge that begins Jan. 1st. It seems like an easy one to fit my reading whims into as I go, making it easier to complete. I am making steady progress on the Four Month Challenge but I quit the one book I was reading for the Really Old Classics. I'm failing that one. Perhaps a couple of short plays can help me along.

Quilts-I have several quilt tops that I've made because I like to sew and I love beautiful fabrics, but I don't need them. (20 baby quilts in pink do me no good other than to stare at.) I've considered finishing them and selling them on Etsy. Has anyone had any luck with Etsy? What do you think? Here is a queen sized quilt top I finished last week.

Christmas-Twelve days til Christmas! We have our tree up, all decorated and looking lovely. I still have shopping to do. The 2 boys are good but my daughter doesn't want much. You'd think this would be a good problem to have but I cannot possibly give the boys 10 gifts each and have only 1 for the girl. Suggestions for a creative girl that likes music and playing on her computer?
Have a great week friends!


bermudaonion said...

I've never had to buy much for girls, so I'm not help there! We've made a little dent in our holiday preparations, but have a ways to go.

Belle said...

I've had the same problem with both my older kids the past few years (a boy and a girl) - they're both teens, and neither of them ever really wants much for Christmas.

Hope your quilts do well on Etsy. A friend of mine who's a woodworker has a shop on Etsy and he's been liking it.

trish said...

Love the quilt! Quilting is something I'm DYING to learn...soon as I get an extra hour in the day. :)

Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful! If ETSY doesn't work, try ArtFire. I learned about that one from Lion Brand. Luv U!

Mommy Dearest

Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading said...

LOVE the quilt! It's beautiful. Good luck with Etsy.

Petunia said...

Thanks everyone! I wish you could see the fabrics in the quilt. They are gorgeous. I'll post some more photos of my other quilts.