November 28, 2009

Review:Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana

Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana
by Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss

Have you ever heard of the term "chocolate read?" It describes a book that you read just as a treat. A guilty little pleasure. You don't read it out of obligation or for its "nutritional value" but just because sometimes it is just right for the moment. I adore books that make me ponder life and question my ideals but every once in a while I crave a simple love story with a guaranteed happy ending. In Lonesome Prairie, Montana I found my love story, though it wasn't always so simple; and I got a reminder of some of the deeper spiritual lessons that I have learned along the way. That's like organic chocolate. :D

Julia Cavanaugh travels from New York to Montana on the orphan train in 1889 to deliver a group of young girls she's been caring for to their new families only to find out that she's been secretly set up as a mail-order bride to an uncouth miner. Having never left the city before she finds it hard to adjust to life on the prairie. The young Parson, Isaac Shepherd, can offer protection, friendship, and spiritual guidance, and maybe his heart too, but only God can direct Julia to her true home.

With a number of less than satisfying novels under my belt in recent months, I was in sore need of some good, clean fun. This Christian romance came just in time. It had everything I crave in a "chocolate read"; pleasant characters, lively adventure, and a happy ending. I even detected just a touch of Jane Austen shadowing. One can never go wrong with Ms. Austen as a guide.

Lonesome Prairie is unapologetically Christian. That means no unrealistic and unhistorical smut involved. This novel is pure. I like that. It means the good are good and the bad are treated judiciously. Forgiveness is promoted and so is repentance. It has just the right mixture for a relaxing afternoon chocolate read.

I almost forgot! There's a contest for some great treats from Montana. Click the button to find out how to enter.

Thank you, LitFuse, for providing a copy of Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana for me to review.


Ocieanna said...

Hey Becky! I'm glad you liked it. We had a great time writing it! God bless you!

Zibilee said...

Sounds like the perfect light read. I am glad you enjoyed it and I am thinking about taking a closer look at the book. Thanks!