July 10, 2009

First a TV Show, Then a Book

Have you seen the first season of ABC's new TV series Castle? The premise is that Jonathan Castle is a best-selling author who has found a new muse in a tough female cop. He follows her around while she solves cases(actually he solves most of them for her). I've watched it on the internet at ABC.com. It's not as good as Law and Order or CSI; in fact, the cases they solve are rather familiar to the point of being cliche. And yet, I like watching. Jonathan Castle, played by Nathan Fillion from past episodes of Desperate Housewives, is fun in his "class clown" goofiness with a charming smile that will get him out of any scrape.

But the news I have to share is that there will be a book. From the article at THR.com:
"Because the show's protagonist, Richard Castle, is a best-selling author of mysteries, what more appropriate tie-in than to publish an actual mystery novel written by the character?

The network will post the first half of the book, a chapter a week, for 10 weeks. The full novel will be published Sept. 29 by Disney sister company Hyperion. The story apparently is a stand-alone mystery with cross-over elements to the on-screen story."

Am I a total nerd because I'm excited about this?


Jenny said...

Huh. Sounds interesting - I expect this would be really difficult to do well. But I love Nathan Fillion ever so much - and that chick on the show whose name I forget has some mad cheekbones on her.

Petunia said...

I'm not so sure about her. It seems like the old "strong female cop that's not interested in a relationship but finds herself inexplicably drawn to her male cohort" has been done to death. But she is a nice contrast to Fillion. She gives him plenty of reasons to grin mischieviously.

cj said...

I'm a huge Castle fan so this is great news for me. I'll definitely be looking for the book, too.