May 25, 2009

The Sunday Salon, Monday Edition

Though I finished a couple of books this week the reviews have to wait. One is for a blog tour in June and the other was an ARC that won't be released until July so I thought I'd hold off till publication. I am reading two books now: Beach Trip, for another blog tour in June, and When the Darkness Will Not Lift, a very thin non-fiction about depression. I have the memoir The End of the World as We Know It from the library because I loved Robert Goolrick's novel A Reliable Wife. I read a spoiler so I know what I'm in for.

Today our homeschool is taking the same holiday that all our neighbors do. We have some friends with a pool so we will be spending the day in their company working on our tans before swimming season officially begins in a couple of weeks. Every day during the summer I wish we had a pool of our own. I love swimming more than any other sport. It is the perfect exercise. It's aerobic and it works all kinds of muscle groups. The first week is grueling as every limb aches but it is all forgotten once you get back in the water. And it only takes a week for others to notice your shoulders and legs getting firm and tone. After a couple of weeks I feel strong and my mood is light. I am not a redhead but my mom is and I inherited her fair skin so I burn that first few days, and then I freckle till I look like a leopard; but eventually it turns into a golden tan. By the end of summer I am fit and glowing. And several of our friends hang out with us daily at the pool for lessons, swim team and just for fun. Plus a long break from school. I love summertime.

Some of you have expressed an interest in my suggestion for an Off the Shelves reading challenge. It would involve reading the books you already own that are languishing on your shelves. I am not a great organizer but I think I could handle running a challenge. If there is enough interest I'll start making plans. So what do you say?


Ti said...

I managed to do some reading this weekend as well. I just finished The Middle Place. OH MY, it was good. I am half way thru Foreign Tongue and just started A Prayer for Bobby which is very depressing so I am putting it down for a bit.

When you mentioned swimming it made me think, yet again, that we should put a pool in. We have a huge yard and we are in S. Calif where it hits 110 degrees in the summer yet I hesitate to put one in. Hmmm.

Zibilee said...

I would definitely be up for an off the shelves challenge! I don't think I would organize one, but I would love to take part!