April 06, 2009

The Sunday Salon, Monday Edition

I have not been abducted by aliens. I am on vacation. And that means I am not doing a lot of reading. When I do take the time to read I am spending time with Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton which I received in the mail just before I left. It's cute and mild, just right for a vacation read. I had to return Drood to the library which was fine with me. I needed a little break from the monotony.

My husband was in a wedding and Wow! does he look great in a tux. I wore my Easter dress, a 50s-like chocolate brown dress with accents of turquoise. I got high heels to go with it for fun but I quickly found they were no fun at all. It gave me a new found appreciation for the gals on Dancing with the Stars. How do they dance in those shoes?

Easter is around the corner. I look forward to a day with family, enjoying my favorite holiday of the year. One of the great things about Easter time? Strawberries! I just can't wait.


Ti said...

The Monday edition. Too funny. Have a fantastic vacation. I took a short break but am back to work today and not liking it at all!

Anonymous said...

Crossed Wires is the perfect book for vacation reading -charming story!

I love seeing the guys all dressed up - it doesn't happen often enough!

J.Danger said...

oh your dress sounds so cute! Put up a picture! I bet you looked fantastic!

Enjoy your vacation!

LisaMM said...

Happy Easter and Happy Strawberries!! LOL