March 15, 2009

The Sunday Salon

I heart Spring!

I love the sun and the breeze and the new plant growth and Easter and shorts and sandals and green lawns and eating out on the patio and gardening and afternoon walks to the park and cooking on the bar-b-q and all the vibrant colors and sounds and long days and the anticipation that school will soon be over and the pool will soon be open. Yes sir, I can't get enough of it. And today was just as beautiful as it could be, at least here in CA it was. Finally, spring has arrived.

Well, you probably saw my scathing review of the one book I dragged myself through this week, A Peculiar Grace. Ironically, it lacked grace and the only thing peculiar was that so many at Amazon like it so much. Now I am stuck with the dilemma of choosing my next book. I have a handful from the library, including the newly released with fanfare Drood by Dan Simmons. For goodness sakes, that is a thick book! I also feel a growing sense of guilt over the shelves and shelves of books I've been collecting over the years but not actually reading. I bought these books because I really wanted to read them but then something new catches my eye or an interesting ARC comes along that needs immediate attention. Aw me! What's a girl to do?

I will make a concerted effort to immerse myself in Dickens for the remainder of the month, that's what. I've already started The Mystery of Edwin Drood, then there is the afore mentioned Drood. On top of that I have agreed to read and discuss Bleak House with a small group on Library Thing(another thick book at 800+ pages). I will try to post little bits and bobbles when they come up but don't get too worried if I lack any scholarly critique for a while. (yes, I flatter myself)

Do you have any "out in the sunshine" reading plans?

And what do you think of my new spring dress? :)


SmallWorld at Home said...

I love your new spring dress, especially on a gloomy Monday morning!

Vasilly said...

I love your new spring dress. I hope you find a book that catches your eye.

Zibilee said...

I just recently read Great Expectations, which was my first Dickens, and I loved it so much! I am looking forward to your review of Drood, when you get to it.

bermudaonion said...

We have some trees in bloom and our daylilies are sprouting, so spring is definitely in the air.

Janet said...

I'm quite jealous of how far advanced spring appears to be where you are. Everything is still gray where I live.

I really like 'Bleak House.' I've tried to read 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' before without success. It's one of the ones sitting on my shelf making me feel guilty.

Good luck with your reading!

Petunia said...

Small World and Vasilly-I have a thing for birds right now. And the colors made me think of chocolate and candy. How could I resist?

Zibilee-I haven't read Great Expectations yet but I've loved everything else by Dickens that I've read. His characters are so much fun.

BermudaOnion-I love the spring bulbs that are coming up. Easter flowers are the prettiest.

Janet-There are perks to living in CA. Spring comes early. But in a couple of months you'll probably be enjoying a pleasantly warm summer while I suffer through triple digits.