March 07, 2009

Shocking Reading Habits

Go read this article (or don't but pretend you did) from the Guardian about the reading amoral in the UK. 65% of those taking the survey said they have lied about reading a book. 48% admit to buying a book as a gift but reading it before gifting it. 62% admitted to turning down the corners of library books and 14% admit to writing in library books. What is the world coming to?

For the record, I have never lied about reading a book, read a book intended for a gift, or turned down the corner of any book. I may have written in a book or two over the years but never a library book. I have given used books as gifts but I've never tried to pass off my gift as new when it was used.

What about you? Are you a reading amoral? Be careful how you answer. I am an official member of the book police. ;)


Christine said...

I turn down book corners all the time, and leave them open face-down on top of things, and sometimes I throw them on the greound and forget that they're there and step on them.

Books are special, but not sacred. They're just objects, and I treat them that way!

Charley said...

You are a very respectful reader!

Jeane said...

I turn down the corners sometimes, when my notepaper is missing and I want to go back to a page later. I just did it with the last library book I read. But I don't do those other things. Reading a gift book first? I can't believe that! (you'd have to buy it really early)

Nicole said...

I have found that I have been turning down the corners on the pages of books a lot lately. Usually I want to remember something or make a note and I just don't have any paper handy. Oh well, at least they are being enjoyed.

Sue said...

Most of the books I read look unread when I'm done--spine uncreased, pages unmarked and no dog-ears. I learned those habits when I worked in a bookstore during college; we were allowed and even encouraged to read the books off the shelves as long as they were still in brand-new condition for selling.

I probably wouldn't have confessed to it, only the " police" line frightened it out of me!

Zibilee said...

I haven't done any of those things lately. I used to fold down the pages, but stopped doing that because it makes the book kind of ugly for a reread. And reading a gift book before giving it? Seriously, who does that??

Petunia said...

Christine-I've shocked! You throw them on the ground and step on them? Off to jail where you will be booked properly.

Charley-Well I try.

Jeane-I don't fold down corners but I will confess to leaving books open and facedown or using a pencil to hold my place.

Nicole-I keep little Post-it tabs next to my reading area to mark things I want to remember and come back to.

Sue-I can read a book leaving it looking like new but I'd never do it for a gift. But I might ask to borrow it as soon as the gift is opened. :)

Zibilee-Exactly, I want to preserve my books for rereading. When you fold down a corner it never lays flat again.