December 14, 2008

The Sunday Salon

It's 11:30pm on Sunday night and I am tired. I'm snuggled warm and comfy under the heated blanket I keep near my reading spot for those few days each year when the weather is not so warm and sunny in California. I'm listening to the rain and wind outside. They are predicting possible snow this week. In California! In the valley!! Well, bring it on.

I've just finished The Fireman's Wife and I'll need a few days for it to ruminate before I can post a review. Next up is supposed to be The Might Queens of Freeville, a memoir about strong women raising strong daughters, but I don't know if I can just yet. I think I need a little brain candy first. It's time to break out The Christmas Quilt, last year's Christmas present from Grandma.

Earlier this evening my daughter was baking chocolate chip cookies when we had a little bonding moment. I decided that now was the perfect time to share with her one of my favorite books, Little Women. It has always seemed like such a Christmas time book to me and I have finally figured out why. The book opens and closes with scenes of family gathered around the fire on (or just about anyway) Christmas. I am so excited to share the March family with my own daughter while she is still young enough to cuddle with me while I read. These are the moments I hope will stick with her when she looks back. What are your favorite memory building moments you have with your special someones?


bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh! It would be wonderful to have someone to share Little Women with - I re-read that book every few years.

J.Danger said...

I LOVE little women. I just reread it, and I just need someone to gimme a reason to read it again!

Sheri said...

I know...! What is up with this rain and cold? I'm not used to it! I'm in O.C.

Bookish Ruth said...

I have very fond memories of reading with my mother, and I'm sure that your daughter will look back and cherish this time together!

I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read Little Women. I honestly don't know why, because it seems like a story I would absolutely love. I did finally purchase a copy of it a few months ago, so now I can find out what I've been missing for so long.