November 30, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I did it!! I completed my NaNo novel. See the cool badge? Only winners get that. I clawed my way to the finish line with 50,049 words and an hour left in November. The last 10,000 words were written in the last two days. Amazing! But now it is taking every ounce of energy I have not to walk away from writing this post. I am in major word overload.

Also completed this week: Sarah's Key. Expect a review this week. I could review it in one word (very funny!). I bet you want to know what that one word is. You'll just have to come back or check your reader frequently to find out. I have already started The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. It's curious so far and that's a good thing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had two celebrations so I'm full. My jeans were tight this morning. Looks like it's time to get out my jogging shoes again.


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I made it, too. NaNoWriMo was more fun that I would have believed. I still am not finished with my novel yet, but I did reach 50, 157 words. :)

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