November 22, 2008

Prereader Reading Treasures

The Guardian's Book Blog has a smallish article wherein it asks its readers what was their most influential books before they could actually read. I'll give you my top three, though you have probably heard me talk about them in the past:
  • Beauty and the Beast book on tape - the well loved story of a girl sent to live with a wild creature of a man. Her love for him in his beastly state transforms him back to the handsome prince he once was but with a much bigger heart. I listened to this tape, following along in my book, over and over again. My sister's companion book, Rumpelstiltskin, also holds many fond memories for me.
  • Little Bear - my cardboard covered book with black, white and blue forest growing in a circle around Mama Bear holding her Baby Bear on her lap was a wonderful treat. I was shocked that Mama Bear called her Baby Bear a fat little bear cub and that he did not burst into tears. But I loved that she made him all the articles of clothing that he asked for when he was cold. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't cold when she pointed out he already had a fur coat and removed all the artificial clothing. And the funniest part was, of course, seeing a naked bear cub once the clothes were removed.
  • The Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter - could this be where I first got a taste for room decoration? The fourteen bears were a ma and pa bear with 12 girl cubs who all dressed differently and had rooms decorated differently, except for the twins Flora and Dora. We see their various activities in the summer and winter times in the forest. I loved staring at all the girls different rooms.
Do you have any fond memories of childhood treasures to share?


Jeane said...

I have fond memories of the Little Bear books, too. I love the illustrations. My favorite story was the one of Little Bear's mother keeping a pet robin when she was young. And the Birthday Soup story.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to our old books?!? I also loved Sesame Streets Grover and the Monster at the end of this book. Good times, good times. Miss ya!! Bren

Hanna J. Potter said...

hi petunia..i answered the meme regarding books i copied from your post..cuz you said if i'd find it fun i could consider myself i did find it fun and completed it.. would you like to come by and see it?

Petunia said...

Jeane-Birthday Soup is a good one too. And Little Bear in outer space.

Hey Bren! I still love The Monster at the End of This Book. And my kids have a love Another Monster at the End of This Book with Grover and Elmo. It's just as good. I'll let you borrow it if you say please.

Hanna-I'll come by and check it out. Thanks for letting me know.