October 04, 2008

Review: The Icy Hand

The Icy Hand
by Chris Mould

There is a new series of books out for the 10 year old crowd. It's called Something Wickedly Weird. The first 2 books in the series were released this past week: The Wooden Mile and The Icy Hand. It has been compared to The Series of Unfortunate Events, though I would say it's just a touch younger or maybe for the reluctant reader. My family read the second book, The Icy Hand, in a couple of days. Here's my thoughts on it:

Stanley Buggles just inherited an old mansion from his Great Uncle Bart, a Navy Admiral lost at sea. But there is a secret treasure that comes with the estate that brings a curse with it. Stanley, with the help of a neighbor girl, a housekeeper, Uncle Bart's ghost and a talking fish must find a way to keep the treasure out of the hands of dead pirates.

For me, the story was more fun than creepy, which could work well if your child likes adventure stories but can be sensitive to scariness. The pace seems mellow at times despite its small size and how much is really packed into it. The artwork is awesome. There are pictures on every page and a few full page spreads. I think this series would be great for kids just getting into reading, anywhere from 6 to 10 years old. The second book says it's fine as a stand alone but I would recommend starting with the first one.

Buy The Wooden Mile from Amazon.
Buy The Icy Hand from Amazon.


Traci said...

I thought The Wooden Mile was really cute. I've got The Icy Hand on my wishlist.

Rhinoa said...

I love the cover. Will look out for these, I love being a big kid still!