August 31, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Ah...the completion of a good book and the anticipation of starting a new one is an exciting place to be. Three hours ago I finished my third book of the week, The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher. I sit here looking at two new books, both review copies sent by the authors, awaiting their turn: The Triumph of Deborah and Down to a Sunless Sea. They are very different from each other on every level. I'm not sure which one I will open first. I'm also about halfway through reading aloud to the kiddos from The Icy Hand, the second book in a new series for kids called Something Wickedly Weird. It has pirates, ghosts and talking fish. It's very interesting so far.

As our homeschool starts up on Tuesday I anticipate my leisure reading time will virtually vanish. I hope not as I have been on a role lately and I have several ARCs on their way to me as I type. I can only wait and see. What about you? Does your reading time take a hit when school bells start a-ringin'?


Carrie K said...

Luckily no, no children, not a teacher. OTOH, April 15th puts a big crimp in my life.

Which book did you choose?

Petunia said...

Both. I've read 3 stories from Down to a Sunless Sea and 4 chapters in The Triumph of Deborah. I am really liking Deborah so far. Sunless is much more thought provoking. It certainly ain't escapist reading.