June 02, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I have a major literary crush on Ian McEwan after listening to him read On Chesil Beach this afternoon. Wow! I am in awe. This being the second of his novels that I have read and fallen in love with, the first being Atonement, I am now ready to buy everything he's written. Watch for a review this week.

McEwan is not the only author I have devoured this week. I also finished The Namesake, Chronicles of Avonlea, The Woman Who Wouldn't, and The Wednesday Sisters. Whew! It adds up to 7 books read in the month of May, which for me is phenomenal. I hope I can keep up that kind of average through the summer.


Laura said...

Seven books in one month is impressive! I need to increase my reading a bit. Since I started blogging and hearing so many great reviews, I need to be reading more like 7 books a month instead of 3 or 4!

Julie said...

I'm developing a healthy crush on Ian McEwan too. I also loved Atonement and right now I'm about 3/4 of the way through Amsterdam -- and it's every bit as good as Atonement. This man is a virtuoso.

Carrie K said...

It sounds as if you read most of those in the last week!

I have got to read something by Ian McEwan. I hear so many good things about his books.

Petunia said...

Laura-I average about one a week so 7 is huge for me. I'd love to keep that number high.

Julie-I've ordered Amsterdam and Saturday from PaperBack Swap. I plan to read both this summer.

Carrie-I finished half of them this week but a few I had been working on for a while. I encourage you to read McEwan. He is fast becoming my favorite modern author.

Karen Harrington said...

Always great to meet another reader who loves McEwan. Amsterdam is one of my faves, too. On Chesil Beach packs a wallop in a short space, but I kept thinking about the characters in Amsterdam long after reading it.