June 06, 2008

Review: The Story Girl

The Story Girl
by L.M. Montgomery
Sara Stanley is a girl with the power to draw her listeners in. She can make you feel the stories she tells, not just hear them. For one particular summer Sara joins all her cousins and a couple of extra friends on Prince Edward Island to spend their days in frolicking and learning about the world around them, and to hear the Story Girl do what she does best.
I started this book a few years ago but I put it aside as boredom with the storyline set in. While I'm glad to finally have finished it, I can't say I feel any differently about it. Maybe it is a difference in historical period but I didn't believe that a bunch of 13 and 14 year olds would be this unacquainted with the world. They seemed more on the level of 10 year olds to me. And there was not a lot of plot going on. I could see this book as a good choice for a young girl on summer break with no other obligations. It is a good alternative to a summer in front of the TV.
This is my first completion for the Wind-Up Book Chronicle. Yay! I'm happy to pass it on to my daughter who is just about the right age.


Laura said...

My favorite books by L.M. Montgomery are the Emily series--there are three books and the first is called Emily of New Moon. I haven't met very many other people who have heard of them, but to me, they are definitely the best! Maybe you and/or your daughter would enjoy them ??

Petunia said...

I have heard of the Emily series and that a lot of people think it is Montgomery's best. I'll seek it out sometime soon.

Hannah said...

The Story Girl was not my fav LMM book either. I love the TV series though. By the same guy that made Anne of Green Gables in 1985. The Anne books are my fav. A must read!