April 27, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Every book blogger seems to have those moments when no matter how many great titles they have lined up for challenges, they just want something different. My moment has lasted all month. I feel bogged down by my stack of books I need to get to or that I've committed to reading. I have been wanting to just grab any book off the shelf that is light but engaging. I don't want another classic just yet. The Shakespeare I finished last night needs time to sit in my soul before starting a new play. I just can't pick up a non-fic. I want plot but nothing too heavy and yet not chick-lit. All month I have stuffed that feeling way down and read something because I ought to. Until today!

A couple of months ago I purchased two new books, a treat I rarely indulge in. In fact, I feel guilty buying new books when I have so many unread books at home. But these two books where both on sale cheap so I went for it. One of them was Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott, the book I've spent my Sunday with. I had read the first few pages before purchasing it, to see what the writing was like and if the story sounded interesting. It did then and it has stuck with me until now. When I decided today was the day to read something light but satisfying I went straight for Child of My Heart. Now, at 100 pages in, I can tell you it was the perfect choice. The two main characters are endearing. Though I think I have the mystery ending figured out all ready, it is not taking away from my pleasure in the journey.

I hope your reading this week is equally as satisfying.

And for the curious, the other book I bought was Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson.


Anonymous said...

She isn't a writer I've come across, so thanks for the tip. There are times when the need for a good plot is just the most important thing in my reading life. I can always take new suggestions on board.

LisaMM said...

Sounds like Child of my Heart was just the thing to shake off that bogged down feeling. I understand that feeling so well. Have a great week!

Petunia said...

Table-it appears that she's written 6 books, including Charming Billy that won the National Book Award in 1998. So far I like her style and will read more of her.

Lisa-I'd never make it through the heavier books if I didn't indulge in these kinds of books every once in a while. Thanks for the visit.

Sarah said...

I know what you mean about feeling pressured by the TBR pile, even though the books there are ones you want to read.

Sometimes it's good to read something entirely unplanned.

Petunia said...

Sarah-There is something to be said for spontaneity.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Child of My Heart, too. I'll be watching for you opinion of the Winterston. I hear so much about her work, but I've never read any of it.

Thanks for stopping by Bookstack - it's fun to meet yet another "Rebecca" in disguise:)