February 24, 2008

The Sunday Salon

My reading week was much the same as it usually is: some small spots of reading after the kiddos' bedtime but nothing too productive. But Saturday made up for it all. I woke extremely early and so I picked up a book and read until I felt tired again. After sleeping in way past my usual Saturday sleep-in time I simply reached for my book again, staying in bed until 2pm. Talk about a lazy weekend. I finished Firefly Lane, then picked up Persuasion later in the evening for a little more reading pleasure.

We spent most of today at a birthday party for a little friend. But I have spent the last couple of hours sitting with my most handsome husband, enjoying his company and reading more of Persuasion when I was able. It was a dark and rainy day. The kind of day I love for snuggling under my heated blanket and filling my mind with stories.

I will finish reading Persuasion this week but I am not sure what I will read next. I still have that small stack from the library that I ought to work on but I'm leaning forwards kiddie lit. for something quick and satisfying. A friend suggested Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and I also would like to get to Love in the Time of Cholera before the movie comes out on DVD in March. But a bit more Shakespeare sounds nice right about now too. As always, we'll see what happens.

I will leave you with this quote from today's reading:
"The only time that I ever really suffered in body or mind, the only time that I ever fancied myself unwell, or had any ideas of danger, was the winter that I passed by myself at Deal, when the Admiral (Captain Croft then) was in the North Seas. I lived in perpetual fright at that time, and had all manner of imaginary complaints from not knowing what to do with myself, or when I should hear from him next; but as long as we could be together, nothing ever ailed me, and I never met with the smallest inconvenience."


Eva said...

If I were you, I'd go for the Marquez over Lisa See right after Jane Austen. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was good, but it will really suffer in comparison to Persuasion (the writing just isn't on the same planet). Whereas Love in the Time of Cholera can stand up to it!

Petunia said...

Thanks for the advice Eva. That's just the kind of thing I need to know.

Trish said...

I have both books (Love and Snow Flower) on my TBR and will probably read them within the next month or so. I haven't read Persuasion--I'm looking forward to your review.

Petunia said...

Well I can tell you now that Persuasion is fabulous but I will save my official review for after my Reading Group's discussion on monday night.