February 11, 2008

The Sunday Salon

I thought I was going to have to skip the Sunday Salon again but in the end I managed to get in an hour of reading. I finished the last 4 chapters in The Inferno of Dante. But I want to read all the extra notes and such before I review it. It was very interesting. It made me wish I knew more about Italian history so I would know who some of the people encountered in Hell are. I was always excited when I came across a familiar name.

But that wasn't the only bookish thing I did yesterday. I took a little trip to the local Big Book Store and bought Persuasion and The Princess Bride for the new book and movie group I have just started. Persuasion will be a reread. I had planned to reread all of Austen's works this year anyway. And I have been wanting to read The Princess Bride. I read the first few chapters to the kids before we gave up. The actual story is hidden within the author's "biography" and the kids just lost all interest.

My reading plans for the next week are to finish The Buccaneers and to start Miracles by C.S. Lewis. I also have 4 books from the library that I will try to read before I need to return them. They are: Will in the World, The Bully in your Relationship, Blink, and How to Read a Novel. Gosh, that's a lot of non-fiction for me. I'll likely be begging for a good fiction by the time March comes around.

Oh, and I almost forgot that I have Austenland loaded on the Zune for my listening pleasure. And I will be picking up The Namesake on CD from the library today. So many, many books. How will I ever get through them all?


Booklogged said...

Not just so many books, but so many good books - Aren't we lucky to live when we do? I need to take a speed reading class, tho.

Carrie K said...

I read Austenland over the weekend - nice frothy treatment. Persuasion! I forgot about it in the rush to read Mansfield Park. Next!

Petunia said...

So far Austenland is corny but cute. Definitely chick lit. but the good kind.

And then today I received an ARC in the mail. I'd take those speed reading classes with you Booklogged.

April Boland said...

I think Inferno is terrific, but I agree that it was kind of difficult until I read about the people he encountered since I had no familiarity with them. I would have enjoyed it so much more had I been able to pick them out along the way.

I love C.S. Lewis! Haven't read Miracles, please be sure to review it when you finish ;)